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 Why do I love this state?  Check out my PERSONAL  page. 

San Francisco
Regional Map
My birthplace.  One of the most popular tourist sites in the country.  There is so much to see in in and around this city.  
  • Alcatraz, Fisherman's Wharf, Twin Peaks, Chinatown, The Mission District, Nob Hill, Golden Gate Bridge, plus more.....more...

Other sites to see in the outlying areas:

  • Old Faithful, Wine Country, Monterey Aquarium, Berkeley and Stamford Universities, plus more.....more....

The Internet offers so much information about the San Francisco/Bay Area. A good site to visit is About San Francisco (web developers: take note of the format on this home page--small blinking pictures which I thought was interesting).


Regional Map
Is where one of my sister's lives and is located in the Gold Rush Country.  As you can see from this map, it is a nice trip to travel from San Francisco east to Sonora then north to Lake Tahoe, passing through Sonora and Jamestown.
  • When searching for authentic souvenirs from the area, all that is available is gold, silver and railroad memorabilia.   Check out this web site about the Sierra Railroad.
  • The outlying areas around Sonora are where the TV show "Little House on the Prairie" was made. 
Regional Map
Is the home of my paternal aunt and a first cousin.  RIDGECREST is a small community near the Mojave Desert that supports the Naval Air Warfare Center in China Lake.  When visiting this military web site, click on the Visualization Laboratory in the upper left-hand corner, then select "Simulations" to view and hear about some of their work (the non-secret stuff).  This is the largest employer in the area.  Some interesting facts about the area:
  • Receives enough rain to be "one notch" above being classified as a desert (you couldn't tell by looking).  There are no trees that naturally grow in this area.  They have very large cactus that stand as tall as a small tree.
  • Helps provide the underground water supply to the LA basin.
  • Charles Manson's famous "ranch" is very close to Ridgecrest.  All of this area is very remote outside these small towns, which served his evil purposes well.



Especially the ones about Love and World War II.   I also love the music for that era.  Check out my PERSONAL  page.



Regional Map How did I get so interested in this football team?  Check out my PERSONAL  page.
  • The first "Battle of the Bowden Coaches" - Father, Bobby Bowden (FSU) vs. Son, Tommy Bowden (Clemson)" on TV on 10/23 at 7:00 PM.  Look for me there!  Visit this Clemson Athletic Site to read all the hype surrounding this particular game. 

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