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Kidney Web Site


Return Visitors - Look for Information!

  • Provide a quick overview for recently diagnosed kidney patients that are pre-ESRD (early stages) and need to know where to start.
  • Receive valuable input from kidney patients at all levels that can be shared at this site.


A Brief History

When I was first diagnosed with kidney disease, I was overwhelmed.  As I searched the Internet, I found a lot of technical information written for the medical community and continued to feel overwhelmed. 

I later found a kidney newsgroup, which shared a lot of good information about dialysis treatments and transplants, but I wasn't ready for that intense level of information since I was in the early stages of my disease. 

I now have reached the point where I want to be active in educating myself concerning kidney disease, get involved with kidney-related support groups, and work to have better laws and regulations that affect kidney patients.

Current Goals

This is my first experience with developing a community web site.  I hope you find it beneficial.  I plan to refine it as I learn more about the kidneys and the needs of other kidney patients.  

Need volunteers....
I would like to find individuals that can contribute to a DEFINITION LIST written in layman terms explaining the various kidney diseases and commonly used terms.  Please respond via e-mail or go to my Feedback Page (see below).  I have started my Definitions Page, but do need more contibutions (see below).  

There are some general, but brief, definitions about kidney diseases at the Web of Care site (sometimes very slow to load).  The best thing about this web site is that It has a section about care givers of kidney patients which I think is very valuable.

For Starters, Bookmark These Web Sites

Another web site to visit is TRIO, Transplant Recipients International Organization, Inc.  I recently visited a chapter in my hometown and found it to be a pleasant experience.  This organization is for all types of transplants, not just kidneys.  However, kidney transplants are more prevalent.  The green ribbon is for tissue and organ donation awareness.  In February, 2000, the Boy Scouts will be focusing on donation awareness.  

Going on Dialysis?

Check out the web site of a dialysis patient at Christine's Open House Dialysis Page.   

More Links

Visit Dominic's Links.  Categories include:

  • Kidney Organization Web Pages
  • Transplant Information
  • Dialysis Support
  • Pharmaceutical Products/Supplies
  • Renal Recipes
  • Travel
  • Health Information



Visit my Definitions Page and Link to Specific Kidney Disease Sites
Note:  This page is in the beginning stage and is updated as I receive information from visitors to my site.  As stated above, I am seeking easy-to-understand wording from YOU, the kidney community.

Hi, I'm Victor, yor kidney friend

I was created by Dennis Cox

Caricatures and Illustrations by Dennis Cox.



Authored by Barbara Inabnit
Last Updated - April 2000

This web site is a collection of my personal experience and opinions.  Any information on this page is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified healthcare provider. Please consult your healthcare provider with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your condition.